Why Your Story Matters & How To Tell It
Transform Your Memories Into Captivating Stories

An intimate live group course brought to you by Leslie Leyland Fields 

  • Learn why your story is so important and how writing it can bring healing and peace
  • Discover proven writing techniques and exercizes to help the memories flow to the page
  • Take control of the narrative of your life and leave a legacy behind you 
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This course is for you if...

You want to write your story but are not sure where to start 

You have wounds from the past that you would like to address 

You want to learn to write freely and creatively without perfectionism shutting you down

You'd like to pass on a legacy to your family

You want to use your remarkable story of overcoming to bring glory to God

          The Sessions...

          The course is broken down into eight sessions, each session includes:

          Two or more videos with me, Leslie
          A reading exercise 
          A homework assignment
          An integration invitation
          Feedback on your work

          Session 1:

          Your Bigger Story

          In this session, we'll discover some of the most compelling
          reasons your stories matter. I'll also address (and crush)
          the seven biggest fears that are holding you back.

          Session 2:

          Your Fuller Story

          In session 2, I'll lead you in proven techniques to access
          your memories, creating maps, timelines and creative
          graphs that will awaken and organize the riches and depth
          of your life experiences.

          Session 3:

          Making A Scene

          In this important session, we take our discovered
          memories and learn how to make them come alive on the
          page through sensory-rich scenes. No more dull or dry

          Session 4:

          Your Deeper Story

          This session shifts the focus inward to quiet our inner
          editor, that nagging voice that demands perfection and
          shuts us down. We’ll learn an incredible technique to
          freely discover and develop our inner deeper story.

          Session 5:

          Healing The World

          This session is challenging but vital. I'll teach you how to
          write into the difficult areas of your life. We'll explore
          writing about family and those who have wounded us.
          Most importantly, we'll learn how to write toward
          forgiveness and healing.

          Session 6:

          Your Focused Story

          In this session, I'll teach you effective editing tools and techniques. You'll learn how to shape and finish your story to produce a beautiful polished piece. 

          Session 7:

          Your Compelling Story

          In this session, I’ll show you ways to create a powerful
          cohesive narrative arc that will sweep your reader from
          beginning to the end. 

          Session 8:

          Launching Your Work 

          In our final session, I’ll present best practices on ways to
          send your work out into the world. I'll guide you through
          publishing options: traditional publishing, self-publishing,
          blogging, etc. And finally, I’ll point toward resources and
          ways to keep growing as a writer.

          +Your Story Matters Private Community
          +Live Calls With Leslie

          You'll be part of a private safe online community where we post our work and support and encourage one another.



          Hi, I'm Leslie!

          Leslie Leyland Fields is a teacher, speaker, and the multi-award-winning author of twelve books including “Your Story Matters,” “Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers,” and “Surviving the Island of Grace.” Her recent book“Crossing the Waters” won CT’s Book of the Year in Christian Living. Her books have been translated into nine languages.

          With three graduate degrees (in Literature, Journalism, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction) she has taught writing extensively in undergraduate and graduate programs as well as in conferences, chapels, and churches around the world. She’s also the founder of the Lake Michigan Writers’ Workshop and the Harvester Island Writers’ Workshop on her family’s island in Alaska with guest writers Philip Yancey, Ann Voskamp, Bret Lott and others. A number of her students have gone on to publish their manuscripts, (which makes her incredibly proud!)  

          She’s also a professional audio narrator, narrating her own books through Oasis Audio, contributing regularly to the popular Our American Stories radio network, and recording books of the Bible for her.Bible.org. 

          What are People Saying?

          We Are Not Currently Accepting New Students At This Time

          We have closed this course for the time being to keep the community personal and effective, we will be accepting new students in the fall of 2021.

          We hope to see you then! :)

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